Endorsed by the Washington Post!

This is still pretty exciting! Last week, the Washington Post endorsed me to be the next DC State Board of Education representative for Ward 6. I am incredibly honored and grateful for the support of the Washington Post. As someone who has worked in education as a teacher and policy expert for 17 years, I believe that I am the “excellent education” candidate that Ward 6 deserves. I have shared a few words on why I stand out in this race and I am not simply “the charter school candidate” in my blog.

“Jessica Sutter is our choice over incumbent Joe Weedon in Ward 6 because of her multi-pronged experience as a teacher working in the Office of the State Superintendent of Education and as a senior adviser to the deputy mayor for education. We like her emphasis on helping parents navigate the education system.”

Don’t forget to vote on November 6th!

Jessica Sutter