Residency Fraud

After a troubling article came out regarding enrollment fraud, I had a few thoughts I wanted to share:

Fraud is wrong. Adults who committed and enabled this fraud should face consequences. But I hope that we can find a way to enforce consequences that minimize the impact on children enrolled under false pretenses. Children should not bear the brunt of their guardians' behaviors.  

Allegations by Roosevelt teachers that attendance records were changed are also deeply distressing. I appreciate that Councilmember Robert White proposed legislation to count only 2nd semester attendance for seniors who meet all other graduation requirements for this school year. Absent the passage of that emergency legislation, or some similar fix, students will suffer consequences of the selective enforcement of policies by adults.  

Adults in our system are responsible for all these deeply concerning events — failing to oversee residency verification; failing to enforce attendance policy; failing to be honest about the incredibly damaging consequences of their actions for students. These are adult problems. Those in District government and education agencies must commit to the oversight of adults. I’m not convinced new agencies will help. 

I do think we need to focus all policy decisions on a singular mission: to provide every child in DC with an excellent education.

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Jessica Sutter